Flying Legends 2017 will undoubtedly be the best warbird air show of the year this side of the Atlantic but didn't really meet the high standars of previous years. I felt that the content was a little bit light and wasn't helped by visiting P51B Berlin Express suffering a damaged canopy that stopped it displaying after one pass which also meant that we lost the Horsemen and visiting P51D Frenesi. The hoped for appearance of ME 190-E White 14 didn't happen and on the day the TFC Sea Fury, P-36 and Gladiator failed to appear. I did catch the Shuttleworth Comet for the first time and the weather was grand so not all was lost. I did the Saturday show so missed the forced landing of P-51 Miss Velma at the show close on Sunday. Thankfully the pilot was fine and his landing in a field the wrong side of the M11 kept the damage to the aircraft to a minimum all things considered.


This was my final air show of the year and came about due to a pretty good line up of aircraft which included a chance to catch the BBMF Lanc, in new paint, for the first time in a couple of years. The weather was fairly good, if a little cool, we had six Hurricanes performing together and a massed Spitfire display amongst other highlights.The main let down was poor management of the car park on exit. As parking was charged for I wasn't too impressed. Oh and there was also the Norwegian Mustang chewing in to the tail of Miss Helen. Lucky they got away with that one!


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