The Austarlian War Memorial in Canberra is not strictly a museum since it is designed as a memorial the the country's troops lost in various conflicts since WWI. However in telling the story of the battles in which the Australian services have been involved a number of artefacts both big and small have been put on display, quite impressively in many cases. This includes a number of aircraft many of which appear to be in original condition. The lighting is a bit subdued but here is a selection of what I saw in October 2018.


Moorabbin is the site of the Austalian National Aviation Museum which we visited in October 2018. It is the oldest volunteer run aviation museum in Australia. The museum has over 50 aircraft although many are in store or under restoration and only around half were on display, some inside, including the impressive Beaughfighter, and some outdoors. There are also other displays and artefacts including a fuel tank possibly from Von Richtofen's crashed Fokker Triplane.


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