This was the year of the Horsemen, 3 P-51 Mustangs doing a very impressive formation display and we got to meet the pilots via the now demised Air Show Buzz website. Also a three ship B-25 routine which we probably won't see agian as Grumpy has been sold  and one of the others force landed on its belly in France last year. Plus we had the new build Fw 190, which has since ditched in the sea, and the final Pink Lady dispaly.


Not really an airshow but an early season fly in. A bit damp to start but brightened into a good day with a nice selection of aircraft on view at the former frontline fighter airfield.


The sun came out for once this year so a warm and pleasant day. There was a debut by the Rata and a very spirited display by the Dutch Dakota Association DC-3


This was the year of Red Bull who brought their Corsair and P-38 over from Austria. It had been a long time since a P-38 graced the skies at Duxford and this was quite a spectacle. We also had the close to finished P-47G on the flightline, the return of the Swordfish and the sight and sound of four kestrel engined Hawker biplanes in the air together. Another plus was three Buchon 109s displaying together although the weekend was marred by the loss of P-51 Big Beautiful Doll on the Sunday, thankfully without any injuries. All this overshadowed the return of The Horsemen who, in two ship formation, were a bit tame.


We had to jump the pond for this one, Hamilton being in Ontario, Canada. The show was held to mark the 40th anniversary of the Canadian Warplane Heritage who operate a flying museum on the edge of the airport. The show was primarily a WWII display although there was some modern metal as well as the Snowbirds aerobatic team. Stars of the show were the CWH Lancaster - the 'other' flyer - and B-29 Fifi, which was on a tour of the U.S. and Canada. A bit strange sharing the venue with a live airport that was open all day meaning some delays for departing and arriving passenger jets and the continuity wasn't as slick as Flying Legends and also some performers seemed to carry out only a couple of passes before landing again. However, overall it was a great display and the weather was superb.


Attendance of this show was looking a bit iffy due to the miserable English summer but in the end the weather played ball and we had a pretty good day although it was a bit breezy which kept the WWI aircraft on the ground on the Saturday that I was there. Highlights were the first show performance of the P-47 and the Sikorsky S.38.


My first visit to this compact show and well worth the effort. A real family day out with stalls, classic cars and of course flying, held to raise money for Children in Need. Held on the Sunday over August bank holiday weekend we were lucky to get a warm dry day sandwiched between two wet ones. A nice variety of aircraft in the display including an appearance by the Vulcan.


Billed as the South East Air Show this was the first time that a proper event had been held at Manston in a good number of years. It was held as a one day event on Saturday only but numbers attending were vastly under estimated which caused major traffic problems and the show reached capacity with large numbers of people either giving up or being turned away. Sadly the weather wasn't good either with very strong winds meaning that a number of aircraft couldn't attend. However, the aircraft that did participate put on good displays with highlights being the Vulcan, Hunter and Dutch B-25.


Legends '13 was a particularly warm weekend and saw over 50 aircraft take to the skies including recent French imports P-51 Moonbeam McSine and the ex New Zealand Hurricane II. Also, after a two or three year delay we got to see the TFC Gladiator take to the air alongside the Shuttleworth example.



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