Stow Maries in Essex is a WWI vintage airfield. Despite its age much of the original structure remains and the airfield is gradually being restored as a living museum. As of May 2016 there was stil a lot of work in progress but areas such as the shop, museum building and displays as well as the mess are complete making for an interesting visit, especially if you attend on a day with a flying display, as I did.


The National Militair Museum on the former Soesterburg airfield is the museum of the Dutch armed forces. It has been open in its present position for around 18 months. As a joint museum it includes numerous artefacts and displays that are not aviation related so it is possible to spend a good while looking around. We were on a tight schedule so had a little less than a couple of hours but still worth the effort although I am not a fan of exhibits hanging from the rafters. Visited in June 2016.


The Aviodrome is a national museum in the Netherlands which has been at Lelystadt airport since 2003. It charts the history of Dutch aviation and has a fairly extensive collection of aircraft most of which are undercover although several are outside. The restoration workshop has a viewing area and an exact replica of Schipol terminal from 1928 has been built on site. Pictures from an enjoyable visit in June 2016.


Gatow museum in Berlin is located on the former airfield. The collection of aircraft is quite large and covers the period dating back to WWI but primarily relates to the cold war era. Many aircraft are outside but there are two large display hangars with works ongoing on further hangars. Entrance is free. Pictures from a visit in August 2016.


Hannover Aviation museum is a small privately owned museum on the outskirts of Hannover that we visited in August 2016. There is a small admission fee which gains acces to a number of full size aircraft, some early ones of which are replicas, including a Spitfire, Bf 109 and Fw 190. The latter two have been the subject of impressive restorations from recovered wrecks. There are detailed info boards on these but my German is somewhat lacking! There are numerous models displayed, recovered aretefacts and personal memorabilia including items relating to German ace Udet. A nice little museum.


I first visited this museum in 2007. Ten years later, inspired by the unveiling of the Loch Doon Spitfire, I took some time out of a trip further north for another look. The museum has grown over the years with a few more air frames than last time around and other improvements including a better museum shop area. The old control tower remains very interesting being packed with exhibits mainly relating to aviation in the area. And of course there is the Spitfire which looks superb now sitting in its own hangar after a 20 year restoration. With admission only £5 you can't go wrong!



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